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Staff Horses

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Lauren's Horses:

~~~Casanova-Irish Thoroughbred-Mare-5 years-Bay with star-16.1 hh~~~

~~~Sergent-Shire-Stallion-3 years-Bay-18 hh~~~

~~~One O'Clock Call-Irish Draught-Stallion-7 years-Gray-17.2 hh~~~

~~~Sunny Suprise-Irish Hunter-Stallion-7 years-Chestnut with stripe-17 hh~~~


Stephie's Horses:

~~~Dawn at Sunset-Shire-Mare-5 years-Black/Brown-17.2 hh~~~

~~~Show N Tell-Irish Draught-Stallion-6 years-Bright Bay with Blaze-17.2 hh~~~


Carey's Horses:

~~~Madame Gucci-Trakhener-Mare-5 years-Bay with star and stripe-16.2 hh~~~

~~~Jumping Jack-Trakhener-Stallion-6 years-Chestnut with stripe-16.2 hh~~~


Louise's Horses:

~~~Soaring High-Irish Draught-Stallion-5 years-Grey-17 hh~~~

~~~Irish Dancer-Irish Draught-Mare-8 years-Bay-16.2 hh~~~


Kelly's Horses

~~~Riverdance-Irish Draught-Stallion-6 years-Grey-17.3 hh~~~

~~~Gatsby's Kiss-Irish Draught-Mare-5 years-Bay-18 hh~~~


Kevin's Horses

~~~Trocadero-Irish Draught-Stallion-7 years-Gray-18 hh~~~